Final thoughts + tracker link

Well well well…she’s finally nearly here.

The Arc of Attrition.

100 miles. 16,000 feet of climbing. 4 aid stations. No bag drops. No pacers. 36 hour cut-off.

My approach to this race?

Be brave. Be brilliant.

By no means does this race make me ‘brilliant’ in the traditional sense. I do not expect to be handed a crown and for the Queen to say ‘You are brilliant Allez Cat’.

No. I am referring more to the feelings and self-know that these events have the ability to inspire. Brilliance is no set thing, idea or feeling. It is whatever you make it to be. Brilliance is inside each and every one of us.

And, if nothing else:

You have to be prepared to show up and suck before you can show up and shine

Make no mistakes, I’m not entering this expecting to suck. But this phrase reminds me to keep my calm if things go awry or if I hit a few bumps: it’s all part of the journey. Adversity and challenges are often the biggest promoters of growth.

So for this, no pressures, no expectations. I’d just love to see that finish line in one piece.

‘Just’. Ha.

Here’s the link to my GPS tracker.

If you fancy giving me a cheer, leave me a comment on Facebook. My crew – Luke – will likely be posting updates if he can get a signal, so you can holler some good vibes over on the updates.

Feel free to make them as odd as you like.

You know when you get a hundred ‘Happy birthday, hope you have a great day’ messages, and then you get that one ‘Well you’re getting old aren’t you, you jazzy-assed, badger-pimping bawbag’? …Yeh…you know the one. And you know which one made you laugh and had some impact.

Finally, a quick thanks to everyone for being so encouraging and supportive of me. Y’all have had so much faith in me – it’s been incredibly touching. I feel like everyone has been on this journey with me for the past few months…and now, it’s just that final after-party to attend.

So with that, beautiful people, I’m off for a little adventure. Time to test the water. Allez allez!

Your lass,

Cat x


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