Iceland: not just for Peter Andre

When someone says Iceland, what are your immediate thoughts?

Frozen sausages, Peter Andre and fizzy juice?

Yep. Me too.

Just a quick one here.

So I was in Iceland the other day to have a look at their frozen vegetables when I stumbled across a few gems.

I’ll admit, I probably won’t get these – mainly due to lack of freezer space – but I found some really handy vegan ‘ready meals’.

I’m all for cooking your own wholefoods I assure you, but I can also understand that when you’re starting up with a plant-based lifestyle, sometimes you just need a helping hand for those days when all traces of inspiration have fucked off.

So, let me introduce to you these three bad-boys:

Bulgar wheat in a lemon and mint dressing with courgette, red pepper, cooked chickpeas and sultanas.

Zesty bean quinoa with green beans, cooked kidney beans, sweetcorn, red pepper, peas and soya beans.

Cous cous with vegetables, with peas, cooked chickpeas, carrot, spinach, red onion, red pepper and yellow pepper with a Moroccan style spice mix.

Each of these 500g serves 2 portions, and costs £1.50.

If you were to use half a bag for lunch, that’s you sorted with a tasty, vegan lunch for under £1! Add to that some leafy greens and extra salad, and you’re still making a packed lunch or light dinner for around £1.50.

On top of this, 1kg of frozen kale costs £1.19, and 900g of frozen spinach costs £1. Now I know some folks don’t like using frozen vegetables, and each to their own sure, but it really is so much cheaper to buy them like this. You really can’t notice the difference if you’re cooking it all into a stew, soup or curry anyway.

Iceland hey: not just for Peter Andre!

Your lass,

Cat x



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