The message that made me cry mid-Psycle


What is it?

Spin ✔

Rave ✔

Sweat dungeon ✔

Upper body workout ✔

Moshpit ✔

A phenomenal place to spend 45 minutes ✔

Think spinning. Think spinning on steroids. Think rave lighting and unthinkably loud beats.


If you can picture the scene, or have indeed been to Psycle, you’ll appreciate that it is not the place where you’re likely to get emotional – other than as high as a pigeon on meow-meow.

But, it happened. Girl got emotional, and tears were shed. Not even sweat tears, or ‘I’ve got salt in my eyes from my sweat’-tears. Actual, legitimate, eye-tears. Whoahhh boy.


On Monday I had a session at Canary Wharf with Natalie: a long-legged, blonde, gazelle type with some serious energy.

Before the final track of the session, Natalie asked that we push ourselves and that we celebrate together. She asked us to celebrate our gift: the gift of movement.

We have the gift of being able to move our bodies. A gift that can be stripped away by sickness, injury or disease. A gift that millions of people around the world do not have. A gift that we are so fortunate to have. 

These words from Natalie struck a cord with me.

Although I’ve had a niggle the past month or so and haven’t been running as much as usual, I’ve been fortunate that I’ve still been able to move. I’ve been able to explore the range of movements that my body can facilitate.

So there it was, on the bike, about to push myself to exhaustion on that final track, with tears streaming down my face. The tears were perhaps a mixture of emotions, but the overriding feeling was one of gratitude.

Natalie’s message was a beautiful reminder to appreciate all that we have. Injuries will come and go, and they might be frustrating, but my goodness, how can we complain when we’re able to do so many other things with our body?

Take a moment and wrap your body in self-love and gratitude. Remember all that it does for you, and be kind to yourself if you encounter any bumps in your journey.

Your body is where you live. Give your home some loving.

Your lass,

Cat x


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