Dark Sugars | E1

Well holy smokes, this place is worth a visit for the visuals alone.

Let’s not even talk about the smells.

Huh. Don’t even.

Dark Sugars, Brick Lane, provides a world of creative indulgence. From the visuals to the flavour combinations, this emporium is a welcomed sensory overload.

Chocolate. Oh chocolate. Baby baby.

Vegan or non-vegan, there’s at least one thing in here that you absolutely must try.

For me, it was the plain chocolate covered date. I’m not sure when I started liking dates, but this jumped out. He was just so plump and sumptuous. Look at him, so bloody inviting.

I also ordered a coffee with soya milk.

Along with voluptuous spreads of chocolate slabs and individual treats, there was a diary-free section too. If you can’t get dairy-free chocolates in east London, I don’t know where you will find them! Get your dungarees and polka-dot socks out, we’re going hipster.

Intrigued by the theatre of the hot chocolate being made, I stayed to watch the master at work. Shavings upon shaving of chocolate were piled up on a wooden board before being added to a cup of hot milk.

If you wanted a dairy-free option, not a worry – there’s soya milk and plain chocolate at the ready.

I’ve not seen a hot chocolate look this sexy. Ever.

The wizard behind this magic was great banter, and was happy to get involved with some photos. As was the lass who had ordered it!

To sum up how nice the staff are in there, here’s how my coffee went down: the milk split in the first one. The milk split in the second one. By the third one, I said I’d be happy with a black coffee. Having none of it, the guy made a black coffee, shovelled some plain chocolate into it and then gave me my money back. Soya milk is a pain at the best of times, but he was insistent that I took the money back for having to wait. Seriously, not an issue – it was fun just hanging out in there!

On top of that, the sweetheart gave me a plain chocolate with orange and cardamom to try. Ho-leeeee macaroni. What a joy!

Dark Sugars has a heavy West African influence following one of the founders’ extended trip to learn more about cocoa on her family farm. Having lived in Ghana for nearly 4 months, I’ve got a soft spot for anything with this vibe. Thankfully though, the chocolates at Dark Sugars are infinitely better than any of the cocoa goods I had while I was out there!

So, in a nutshell: Dark Sugars. Two locations. Brick Lane. Chocolate heaven. Vegan and non-vegan. Hot and cold drinks. Lovely staff.

So, since it’s Easter. And well, if you’re not religious, Easter is all about family, friends and chocolate, you ought to get yourself down there. ASAP.

Smooooooo chocolate. Hubba hubba.

Your lass,

Cat x



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