Babes that bounce

A couple of babes from school

For whom fun was the only rule

Spoke up to announce

It might not be cool

But they were off for a bounce

World’s worst limerick.

Ladies and gents. Rebounding. Jumping. Bouncing. Yes, I’m talking about getting jiggy with a trampette.


Last week my school bestie and I went to Frame’s rebounding class. Read, Alison and I were off for the most hilarious cardio workout yet.

Neither of us had been before, but we both wanted something fun.

And fun we did have!

Our instructor – Leilah Isaac – was a total pocket-rocket. Imagine a Tasmanian devil: so small and so cute, and so entirely full of beans! Leilah is exactly the kind of girl you want taking this class: motivation, energy and whoops aplenty. IMG_1879

I don’t think I lasted even a whole minute before doubling over in laughter. I couldn’t jump…I couldn’t move…I could only laugh from the very bottom of my tummy. The combination of the music, the jumping, and seeing Alison in the mirror laughing was all too much. I was in hysterics.

After pulling ourselves together a little, Alison and I fully immersed ourselves in the class. We jumped, we twisted, we jumped with weights – heck, we even did some sit ups!


I could try and relay all of the nitty-gritty to you, but the essentials are here:

  • It was a proper cardio workout – this class will have you sweating!
  • It was 45 minutes of smiling and having fun
  • Both Alison and I left in super high spirits and grinning from ear to ear
  • You have got to try it!

It’s £13 for 45 minutes, and will make you feel incredible. You’ll laugh. You might even cry a little. You’ll sweat. And you’ll want to go back for more.


Remember folks, getting fit doesn’t all have to be gloom and doom – have some fun with it!

Your lass,

Cat x



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