A threading adventure: video included

This is a short and sweet entry about my first ever experience of upper lip hair removal. For your enjoyment and education, I roped my lovely sister Rebecca into filming it – though I suspect she rather enjoyed watching me squirm!

I’ve yet to work out how to rotate the video. Apart from that it’s quite jolly.

The video pretty much sums up my feelings on upper lip threading. Effective, but very painful. Don’t bother putting any mascara on before your salon trip if you’re having threading done, it’ll make it’s bid for freedom down the side of your face.

Immediately post-thread. Alive to tell the tale, but with make-up running everywhere!.

The redness afterwards calmed down after about an hour, but my sister said hers took a couple of hours to calm down when she (half) had hers done – wimp! Maybe leave a few hours between threading and any big functions to avoid looking  like you’ve been rubbing chillies on your face.

30 minutes post-threading, and barely any redness. Photo taken in Tesco, just styling it out.

The cost of this at my local place is £4. Bargain! Despite the pain, I’d probably get it done again. Doh. So yes, if you have a high pain threshold, or are just too stubborn to say that it hurts too much – the results are great!

Your lass,

Cat x

Written 29 August 2012 for a previous blog


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