Hello hello hello.

I’m Cat.

I’m often asked about recipes and running bits,  so I thought it was about time that I started writing things down and sharing the love.

I’m a regular Scottish lass living in London. I love all things food – cooking, eating, reading – and I am a keen runner.

I bought my first pair of running shoes in October 2013, and haven’t really looked back since. Suggest a distance and a terrain, and I’ll likely be up for it. I enjoy short, hilly races as much as I enjoy the longer, endurance races.

A lot of the things I make in the kitchen are dictated by what I have to hand, what is in season, and what needs used – so don’t worry if you’ve not got every item. This also sums up my approach to running and racing: my kit is cobbled together from ebay, and I’m not a strict training schedule type. Just keep moving!

My kind of cooking is not the kind where substituting quinoa for green lentils is going to break the dish. Unless you’re making dahl, in which case you’re stuffed.

I’m not going to preach or try to convert anyone here – what you eat is entirely your call. If I can help cast some light on what on earth to do with that celeriac that you spontaneously purchased – yes, Mum, I’m talking to you – or give you some inspiration on how to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, then this blog is doing its job. Not all recipes will be vegetable based though. Turnips for breakfast? You’re alright mate.

If you’d have told me 18-months ago that I’d be writing this blog, I’d have probably definitely laughed in your face. To cut a long and rather uninteresting story short, somehow mars-bar-for-breakfast me massively got into vegetables, eating well, and running. Take ‘eating well’ as whatever it means to you. For me it just means eating simple, fresh and nutritious food. Vegan or not.

So, ladies and gents, boys and  girls, brothers and sisters, go fetch your trainers, some oats and an open mind, and come join me on my adventure.

Your lass,

Cat x




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